Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Paint a Design - Transfer to Fabric

Now that Thanksgiving is over (for us in Canada), my attention is now focused on Christmas.  I'm not much of a "Halloween" person, so decorations around my house do not exist.  I'm planning ahead for how I am going to decorate my home for Christmas this year.  So, from this point on, you will probably be bombarded with some of my Christmas ideas and projects!

So, yesterday I decided to sit down an paint something...and this is what I painted. 

Some berry branches in neutral colors with a pop of color in the berries and ribbon.  While painting this design, my thoughts were to come up with something that I could use to decorate napkins, a table runner, placemats, pillows (maybe) and the list goes on.  My idea...come up with a design to paint,  scan it to my computer, resize the image to my project needs and print the image directly to fabric or transfer paper...whatever!  I think the possibilities are endless.  But, before I carried away, I thought I'd give it a try FIRST...

The top is the original painting, the left is printed directly onto muslin and the right is printed directly onto canvas.

I scanned my painting onto my computer and then printed the image directly onto canvas.  You will notice the black marks on the fabric...I just finished changing the printer ink and my printer always leaves a mess after the first printing, but you can get the idea of how it looks on heavier fabric.

I then printed the image onto muslin. 

I love the look of both! 

I couldn't just leave the idea hanging, so I thought I would design a canvas basket and add my printed muslin to the front and this is what I came up with...

I'm not sure how I will use this basket...possibly throw in some branches, greenery and berries and simply use it as decoration.  We'll see.

So, now that I know the results, I am going to come up with my theme and get to work on my table accessories.  Who knows, I may use this design!

Thank you for stopping by for a visit.  If you are interested in sewing the basket, let me know, and I will put together my instructions for you.  Have a great day!



  1. All I can say is WOWZA!

  2. Thanksgiving lends itself to the only decorating I do in October as well. This is lovely as a winter theme and has oddles of possibilities. Frosting indeed!

  3. absolutely gorgeous work you do ;) I'd buy it

  4. I LOVE it...wish I could paint like that..Beautiful..

  5. This is great! Your artwork is lovely!

  6. WOW!! That is wonderful. I am adding this to my LONG to do list!

    Visiting from Coastal Charm.

    Have a great week.

  7. Great idea! Your finished product is adorable! I would be delighted if your would link up one of your posts to Potpourri Friday!

  8. You're very talented. Love the painting.
    I would love instructions on how to make your basket. Thanks,

  9. Great idea and beautiful painting. I wish I could paint like that. :)

  10. Just love this tutorial....your painting is amazing! I'm featuring this on Thrifty Thursday this week! :)

  11. Hi there! I just discovered you from Nicole's Thrifty Thursday feature. Beautiful painting...and beautiful on fabric! Thank you for showing us how. I've been tempted to throw some fabric in the printer, but never been quite brave enough...

  12. What a gorgeous painting and transfer, ideas seem endless with this technique. Thanks for sharing. Could you please tell us how you print on muslin since it's quite thin? do you spray glue it to regular cardstock to make it stiff enough for the printer? Thanks again!

  13. Gorgeous bag!! I keep forgetting about this technique...thank you so much for the reminder!! Where do you find the tightly woven burlap fabric at? Everything I see in my small town is just the looser stuff.

  14. I just found you via Pinterest. You have some great projects! I would love to invite you over, this week, to Whateverwednesday link party. (Usually up and running on Tuesday night) Hope to see you there!

  15. Comme c'est beau! Magnifique! Vous avez beaucoup de talent! I'm living in Quebec and I would like that you give me some addresses where I could buy burlap...do you know internet addresses ? J'adore votre site! Merci de partager vos idées avec nous!

  16. Great turtorial and bag.
    Would love to see how to make the bag.

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