Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sheet Moss Heart

Here is quick and easy project to create that you can use pretty much anywhere in your home...its a sheet moss heart.

First, make yourself a heart template out of paper...any size or shape.

Then, trace it onto a piece of wood.  I used plywood, but you can use any type of wood because it will be covered.  After cutting it out, quickly sand it to remove any rough edges.  Next, drill a hole at the top of the heart.

Cut the sheet moss into strips and start gluing to the heart.  I just covered the top and the sides and left the back bare.  Once it is entirely covered, staple chicken wire to the back of the heart and trim.

Thread a piece of ribbon or burlap through the hole and tie a bow.  Now its ready to hang.

Thank you for stopping by...have a great week!



  1. Very cute, but that window it hangs on ROCKS!

  2. darling! love the little bling the chicken wire gives this project - well done!

  3. I Love how your heart turned out Lesa, and the chicken wire gives it just the right touch! Thanks for sharing!! Enjoy your day!


  4. I just love this idea.... the wreath is adorable I'm going to have to try this myself... Thank you so much.... new follower now...