Sunday, February 19, 2017

Home and Craft Projects

I thought I'd share several projects that I've completed over the past several months.  I never took photos of "the process" nor did I write instructions for these projects.  Most of the projects I'm about to show were inspired by very creative people on Pinterest so there are many well-written tutorials out there!  I just want to share with you some of my home and crafting projects that have been keeping me busy we go!

First up...a couple of wood signs I made...



Something to fill in the space at my front door entryway.  


An extra-large version of "Let's Stay Home" which I love!  The next picture will show you how big it actually sectional in the tv room is 12 feet across the back.


So, in this photo is another favourite project and that would be the coffee table!  Built with pine laminate for the top, 1 x 3's for the frame and all put together with glue and a Kreg Jig.   I painted the bottom with my favourite cream coloured paint and stained the top first with a weathered grey stain and then blended a dark walnut stain on top of that which gave it a driftwood colour.  I then applied a water based satin varnish.



My entryway table...again, another favourite!


I finished it identical to my coffee table in the tv room.


I refinished my round coffee table in the living room to match the entryway table and square coffee table...again, love it.


Several posts ago, I share this table with you and the process involved when I turned it from an oak kitchen table to a coffee table.  At that time, I painted the base black and stained the tabletop a dark walnut.  I'm loving the new look much better!

Now,  a few textile projects...


As you can see from the picture, I knit this quilt in December.  It was knit using size 50 US knitting needles and it took a couple of nights to do.  Very easy and fun to make.


I made this pillow using a rug punch tool and scrap yarn I had from previous projects.  I drew the design and "punched away".  I made it for my daughter as an accent pillow in her livingroom as her decorating style is more contemporary with her black leather sectional.  


And my last and most recent project...a blanket for my 2 year old granddaughter, Aubree.  It was a Valentines gift for her and I thought she'd enjoy snuggling in it.  


It is a crochet patter from MJ's Off the Hook and its the hooded owl pattern that's everywhere right now!  However, I am not a fan of owls and my granddaughter loves cats SO, I created my own version of the blanket using MJ's pattern but creating my own cat face for the hood.  It took some figuring because this is my very first crochet project.  I watched a lot of you tube videos!  MJ also does a wonderful tutorial on how to crochet her shell pattern so thanks to her I was able to make the blanket!!  What's really cute about it is that it folds up into a pillow!!


A "purrfect" cuddle blanket for Aubree.  

Well, that's what I've been up too when I'm not at work!  Thanks for stopping by!  



  1. Wow you have been busy! Love Love it all!!

  2. They are all super! Do you have directions for the pillow? I have done some kits, but nothing freehand and would love to know what you put the wool through (material) and see how you do it. A blogpost would be very appreciated!

  3. Love, Love, Love all your projects Lesa! You are so talented and creative! I did a few signs similar to these, from Pinterest Inspiration, also! I am loving your tables, though! You did an awesome job building them. Love the colors you chose for the finish on them. And those cute is the cat one! I bet your granddaughter was excited to receive this. And Love the pillow! You have been busy!

  4. Love that blanket so much!!! We would love to have you at our To Grandma's house we go link party - it starts every wednesday!