Thursday, March 10, 2011

Old Crate

I've been working on my "multi-purpose" room and needed storage for magazines, etc.  I had this old crate and decided to spruce it up a bit.

 I sanded it to remove the "roughness" and then dry-brushed the surface with a buttermilk-colored paint.  When it was dry, I applied dark walnut danish oil to the surface to darken the exposed wood areas. 

I wanted to add handles so I braided some jute and then drilled two holes on each side of the crate for the handles to be attached.  I also made a liner for the inside of the crate using burlap.  I added a strip of muslin for the trim and a fabric rose for a feminine touch. 

Thanks for stopping by...have a great day!


  1. Looks great. I love the painted look, it makes it look even older than it orginally looked and so much prettier!

  2. I love what you did to this crate and have scheduled a feature of it for tomorrow morning at Extreme Personal Measures.


    Extreme Personal Measures

  3. Very pretty! I love the little rosette detail on the crate liner...what a great idea!

  4. Wow! I've done crates like that, but never thought of the liner... burlap is PERFECT! Love it:)

  5. I have a small box that is very similar to this and I have wanted to do something like this to it. I really like the way you did it! I would never of thought to make it as cute as yours.

  6. Super cute!! Way to see something so great outa that old crate.

  7. Hey Lesa, I'm your newest follower!
    When I saw this old crate(I have one), and what you did with it, I got excited, I think I can do this!..thanks so much for sharing, I'm visiting from Dittle Dattle "Amaze Me Monday".I hope you'll visit LazyonLoblolly.
    We were really busy over the weekend!

  8. Another great project! I love your blog and can't wait to see what your next project is! I am awarding you the versatile blogger award!

    You can check out the details here:

  9. love it!! i need to figure out how to make the cloth liner. :)

  10. hiya i am following you now , well i just had to when i seen what you did with this old crate

  11. I found you thru "Life...Your Way" & I'm excited that I did! I actually have a couple of your painting books. I looked at nearly all of your posts & you are very talented. I will need to try some of your ideas. I really don't like sewing, but will get it out if the project is easy enough & worth the effort! Love your crate project; I have lots of crates that I have used for craft shows for many years. I just became a follower & look forward to reading more of your posts.

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