Friday, August 19, 2011

Easy Breezy Wood Box

A few days ago I shared how to transfer an image from freezer paper to fabric.  As I had explained in that post, you can also transfer images to wood.  Therefore, I thought I'd share this project with you.

I started out with an old wooden box that looked like this...

I sanded it to removed the roughness and then added a coat of dark walnut Danish Oil...

I then mixed my "Sand Bar" paint with a bit of water, just to thin it slightly, and applied a coat to the box.  Once it was dry, I used my palm sander and 220-grit sandpaper to remove some of the paint to expose the wood grain.

I found this image when I did a "google" search for vintage laundry labels and I loved the colors so I thought it would be perfect for the look I was going for...

Next...I printed this image (remember to select "mirror image" on the printer) and printed it onto the waxy side of my reusable sheet of freezer paper.  It looked like this...

I then wiped the wood box surface with a damp rag and then placed the image face down onto the box.  Using the back of a spoon, I burnished the entire area until I thought the image had transferred.

I wanted the image to look like a worn label so I was very happy with the results.  If I wanted the image to be "solid" I would not have sanded the painted surface so heavy.

I then decided to add jute handles to the sides of the box, so I measured and drilled holes in the sides, cut two pieces of jute to length and added knots.  Thread and secured the jute in the holes.  Handles!

I liked the box, as is, however I wanted to "soften" it a bit so my final addition was a canvas liner which I made from some leftover painter's canvas.  I added the trim from leftover fabric I had used in my laundry room.

I don't know what I'm going to use this box for...all I know is it's new home will be the laundry room. 

I hope you will give this a try and, if you do, I'd love to see what  you come up with!  Thank you for stopping by...have a great weekend!



  1. LOVE it! Reusable freezer paper... I had no idea print actually stuck to that waxy stuff. I need to try this!


  2. This is great, I am going to have to find some freezer paper.
    I am a new follower.

  3. I didn't know freezer paper would do this either! I would love to add some vintage looking labels to some old boxes I have so I really appreciate the info. Thanks!!

  4. Wow! I really Love how your box turned out! I need to try this. What kind of printer do you have? I don't see the "mirror image" on my print page. Thanks for sharing!

  5. The box looks wonderful, great idea to transfer the image!

  6. Love this project! Thanks so much for sharing and I can't wait to try it out!

  7. Gorgeous! I'm putting this on my FB page! :)

  8. Hi Lesa, I awarded you a "Butterfly Award" - please pop over to my blog to see your award! I love your blog and appreciate your comments on mine! :) Just love this box!

  9. Great job! I've done transfer paper with an iron, but haven't found anything good to transfer on to wood. I appreciate you sharing this.

    Have a great day.

  10. Visiting from FJI. Nice! Definitely want to try this. Thanks for the "how to" info.

  11. Very adorable! Such a great idea to transfer an image to a wooden box. It's got such great character!

  12. How cute is this?! Love the transfer you chose and how you painted and stained the box as well as the cute addition of the liner! Try the label sheets like I told you -- it seems like it gives the same kind of 'faded' look!

  13. That's awesome! I had no idea you could use freezer paper like that! I love the white-washed look! You'll find a great use for it, I'm sure. Thanks so much for sharing!

  14. Your box turned out darling!! It looks like the right size to store extra boxes of fabric softener sheets in or smaller cleaning supplies.

    I have been working on a small side table that I'm going to try this method on! Thanks for sharing the info!

  15. this is absolutley stunning! so glad I found your wonderful blog - I'm your newest follower!

    would love to have you swing by for a visit sometime -

  16. I have a question...when transfering an image onto wood like this do you seal it with anything? Just wondering what it will do if it gets wet again.

  17. Love it...thanx for the tutorial! Tiff

  18. Thank you for sharing this great technique. I will be using it in the near future and also your other tips for transferring images.

  19. Mod Podge is the sealant go-to, but you might also be able to seal it with a bit of homemade beeswax wood polish or just the wax, melted and painted on. Just guessing.

  20. Lesa--we can't thank you enough for your easy tutorial to help with decorating our Inspire Award Winning robot for FTC FIRST. We saw you on Pinterest and your ideas rocked! Thanks for YOUR inspiration--You're going in the team's Engineering Notebook! Make it a great day, Team 3590 Ingenium

  21. I want to do this on a table but I need to seal it to protect the image from water. How can I seal this image without it ruining the image?

  22. This is so clever! Thank you Lesa for a great tutorial. I have a question, what is the best printer setting to use - plain paper, draft or photo. I have just successfully transferred an image onto a piece of oak for engraving. My printer unfortunately smeared ink down the edges of the wax paper, but I managed to remove nearly all of it before transferring the image. It made me think perhaps I'm using the wrong printer setting (Epson printer). If anyone else has had this problem and found a solution, please tell me.

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