Sunday, October 26, 2014

Kitchen Storage and Shelving

The finished project in my kitchen...

This is how I got there.  A while back I had purchased and painted an ikea cabinet red, then green and used it for storage. 

Actually, my plan was to turn it into a mini office, but that plan never transpired and it just collected junk.  It really wasn't functional.  What I really needed was more counter space.  I love my little kitchen but could use a bit more storage.  The distance between the island and wall is fairly narrow so I needed a cabinet, at the most, 16" wide.  

I found a small buffet at Jysk that was only $110.00.  But, look at the box it came in and look at all the pieces!

It was six hours of hell putting this cabinet together...never again!!  

Anyway, after I finally got it assembled, I decided to add castors to the bottom instead of the "bun" feet that it came with...the wheels gave it a bit more height to bring it up to counter height.

 I then stained it using two colors of Minwax stain...Espresso and Ebony  I also changed out the hardware and bought brushed nickel pulls to match the hardware on my kitchen cupboards.  I then applied a satin varnish to the entire cabinet to protect it from any spills.

To tie it in to be part of the kitchen I decided to construct two shelves to display part of my pottery collection.  After much searching on pinterest for shelving ideas, I decided to build the brackets using 1/2 inch black piping, flanges and elbows.  The shelf itself is made just 2 x 10 x 36".  Again, I stained the wood using Minwax stain, but only with espresso and I did not varnish. 

am happy with the way it turned out and I now have more storage space and counter space. 

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  1. I love it. Looks like it was a pain to build but the final project makes it hopefully worth all that hard work. Love the stained wood look too. Great job.

  2. Love your coffee station Lesa! It turned out awesome! I wouldn't have the patience to put that together. Those shelves are awesome too! Love the look of them.

  3. This turned out great! Found you on the Boogie Board Cottage link up =) Kyla @

  4. That looks amazing! I love the shelves you did on the wall.

  5. Hello I love this project! I was just wondering you had mentioned you used two different stains and I was wanting to know if you mixed the two stains in a container or laid one stain then went back over with the other?

    1. I first applied the espresso stain to the wood and when it dried I applied the ebony stain only to certain spots like the edges, areas around the handles, etc. just to give some depth to the colors. Hope this helps. Thank you for stopping by!