Sunday, February 15, 2015

New Kitchen Shelving

Back in October I posted the shelving I created using pipe.  Well, that ended in disaster about a month ago when the bottom shelve collapsed.  The flanges that were secured to the wall went right through the gyproc which the flipped the shelf forward.  All the pottery I had stored on that shelf fell to the floor and smashed into pieces!  I could have cried but I kept it together telling myself it is only pottery.  The only upsetting thing is that the lady who made all my dishes and serving pieces made them just for me so no two are the same.   She lives a province away so I don't know if I will ever be able to replace them.  Oh well, this post is not about the's about the new shelving I have added!
I found an inexpensive bookshelf at Walmart that somewhat matched the color of my kitchen cabinets. It also fits on top of my existing buffet.  (I don't think my wall will ever hold another shelf!)  I've been using it "as is" for that past month but wasn't quite happy with it.  Here it is before the makeover...

decided to replace the back with beadboard that I cut to size, stained with Minwax "Kona" and attached to the back by pre-drilling and nailing to the edges of the bookcase.  I then decided to sand the sides and edges of the bookshelf with 100-grit sandpaper removing some of the original dark finish.  Here it is after I sanded it...

I am much happier with it now and I think the beadboard and the sanding gives it more character...

Here are a few pics of my small kitchen and dining area...

Thank you for stopping by...have a great week!



  1. I really like your new shelving unit and how you've decorated it! How awful for you that your previous shelf collapsed and your pottery broke! Congrats to you for "moving forward"!

  2. Stopping by from SL Showcase.....oh, so sorry for the disaster (I know it's all just stuff, but I would've cried for not just the stuff, but for the failed project, the cleanup...ugh). Your unit looks great, goes really well with your wonderful layout. If that's one of the BH&G bookcases, they're pretty awesome. I bought the taller one for my husband's research books in the basement, but he's cleaned it out, and I'd like to find a place in the upstairs for it. It's nice and sturdy. Love the beadboard.
    Rita C at Panoply

  3. Your new shelving looks lovely!