Thursday, January 13, 2011

Another Wall Art Project...

Here's another wall art project I'd like to share with you...

You'll need:

MDF board - 2 pieces 1 1/2" wide x 18" long
                    - 2 pieces 1 1/2" wide x 6 1/2" long
(There will create your frame.)
DecoArt paint - Lamp Black and Light Cinnamon
Rust-oleum Frosted Glass
Masking Tape
Elmer's Spray Adhesive
Wood glue
Mat board in a light cinnamon color.   (Just a note...the color you choose with show through the weave of the burlap.)

How To:
1.  Cut the MDF to the proper width and length.  Create a 1/4" rabet using a router or a tablesaw.

2.  Use glue and claps to secure the wood at all four corners, creating your frame.

3.  Paint the frame using Light Cinnamon.

4.  When dry, apply candle wax to the edges and top of the painted frame.  Now apply Lamp Black to the frame and let dry.

5.  Sand the frame revealing the bottom color to give the fram a more weathered look.

6.  Cut your glass to fit inside the frame.  Apply masking tape to the top of the glass 1/2" in from all edges to create a rectangle.

7.  Spray with frosted glass and let dry.  Remove the tape.

8.  Center and tape the lettering on the back of the glass.  Use Lamp black to apply lettering to the glass.  (Just a note...the frosted glass makes painting on glass very easy, giving the paint something to adhere to.)

9.  Cut the mat board and burlap to the same size as the glass.

10. Use the spray adhesive to secure your burlap to the mat board.  As I mentioned, the background will show through the weave of the burlap.

11. Place the glass on top of the burlap and place in frame.  Secure in place.  I covered the back with brown kraft paper to give it a more finished look.  It also keeps dust from getting in behind the glass.  Attach a self-leveling hanger.

I have a few more ideas using this technique so I hope you will continue to check back for other projects.  Would love to hear your feedback!  Thanks for taking the time to stop by!


  1. Looks great- Thanks for auditioning for American Crafter!

  2. Lesa,
    Wow! Way to go! Turned out awesome!
    happy crafting!

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