Monday, January 17, 2011

What a Bargain!

I have to share with you the great bargain I found at our local New & Used store.  I found four of these chairs for $14.95 each.  I just couldn't pass them up so I bought all four.  They need some cosmetic finishing...the wood needs to be refinished and I definitely need to recover them or make slipcovers for them, but other than that, they are very sturdy and very comfortable. 

Now, I need some suggestions and help from all of you.  My husband built our table a few years ago, as we needed a table to sit twelve people.  (I had my family come for Christmas.)  He also had plans to build 12 chairs, but ran out of time after finishing six chairs.  I think he has since lost interest in finishing the remaining chairs, so I have been on the hunt to "outfit" my table.

 Here are a few questions that you can help me with:

1.  Should I only use two of the new chairs - one at each end of the table and keep the existing chairs?  Or, should I use all four and find two other chairs for each end of the table and keep the existings chairs for extra?
2.  Should I recover them or sew slipcovers?  If slipcovers, a ruffle at the bottom?
3.  What color of fabric?  I love all the white slipcovers out there, but I don't think that would fit in my house.  So, any suggestions?  My kitchen is a tan colour with a cinnamon color accent, wood floors and white cupboards.
4.  Should I paint my table?  I had thought about painting the bottom of it a creamy white and then refinishing the tabletop with a dark walnut stain.

Your help and suggestions would be welcomed!!

Thank you for stopping by.


  1. Hi Lesa, First off I love your table and chairs! I have at my table 4 chairs alike and the 2 on the ends are different. I like that idea of having the 2 at the ends different. Slip covers with ruffles sounds great. I think you should use white and in a durable fabric and when they get dirty throw them in the washer. I am thinking about painting my table top white and leaving the bottom the way it is.I think if you wanted to paint the bottom white and stain the top you could and it would look wonderful. I think it would also look good with the top white and leave the bottom. Either way I cant wait to see what it looks like and I hope I was a little help:)

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