Saturday, January 8, 2011

Dremel Trio

I received a new power tool for Christmas, the Dremel Trio and I absolutely love it.  This tool cuts, sands and routs.  It really is amazing.  What I love is that you can start your cut whenever you want because the bit allows you to make quick and easy plunge cuts anywhere in your work and its very easy to control.

When I made this tray for my ottoman, I had to pre-drill holes in each section before I could use the jigsaw.  Plus, the jigsaw is much harder to control in the corners.  I found myself stopping and continually repositioning the wood piece.  Very time consuming.

However, the Dremel Trio not only allows you to plunge cut, but it also cuts in any direction while keeping the tool in the same orientation.  It makes cleaner cuts and smoother edges requiring less sanding.

This tool is a "new addition" to our workshop, so I'm still learning all about it's multiple uses.  If you like woodworking this is a "must have".

Below,  is my first project attempt with the Dremel Trio.  I love old architectural pieces, so I thought I'd try making a door crown (to look like an old architectural piece).

First I drew a pattern on paper and cut it out.  Then I traced it onto my wood.  I used plywood as this was all I had at the time.  Then I cut it out...yes, with my Dremel Trio.   I then sanded the edges guessed it, the Dremel Trio.  I used a palm samder to sand the top and bottom.

I applied a coat of dark brown paint.  Once dry, I applied a lighter shade of brown paint followed by a final coat of cream-colored paint, letting it dry in between coats.  (I forgot to mention that in between each coat of paint I rubbed candle wax over parts of the wood surface and edges allowing for easier paint removal during the final stage.)

Once it was completely dry, I started sanding the piece to reveal the layers of paint underneath.  I finished by applying dark walnut Danish Oil with a rag and then wiping off to give it more of an old, antiqued appearance.  Attach a self-leveling hanger of the back and I was done.  I hope you like this project.

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  1. This is fabulous! Now I have dremel envy! I love the design you created!

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