Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Would You Buy It Wednesday?

It's time for Would You Buy It Wednesday over at Junker Newbie and I thought I'd share this item with you. 

I bought it a couple of months ago at a garage sale for .50 cents.   I don't really know why I bought it...I don't have a thing for wooden rulers nor do I collect them.  I guess I just thought it was unique and the price was right! 

Anyway, it's been hanging in my husband's shop every since I brought it home and I actually forgot about it until I saw one for sale at Pottery Barn

Source:  Pottery Barn

I was checking out their catalogue, online, and found one that they had for $166.00!!!  Now, I'm sure that there are differences between my ruler and the one they have, but really?!!  Of course, it peaked my interest, so I did some further investigating and found that the same ruler I bought for .50 cents, sold on Ebay for $58.00.  It's just a ruler, isn't it? 

Would you have bought it and, if so, what would you do with it?

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  1. Hey Lesa,
    Yes, I would have bought that, and in fact I have one just like that. Thanks for the heads up on the prices, I'll check that out! Who knew they'd be worth so much?
    Love it!

  2. I would definitely have bought it! I would prolly hang it in the open position on my wall until a different idea came to mind.
    With knowing the value, you prolly wouldn't but I would consider attaching it to a frame.

  3. yes i would have bought it! i LOVE old rulers.

  4. Heck ya I would of bought it! I do have a thing for rulers & yard sticks. LOVE it!

    Thanks for joining my party!


  5. Absolutely! I love anything vintage school or office and would probably put it in a "back-to-school" vignette in my entry way next month. :) I think it's fabulous!

  6. ABSOLUTELY they are hard to find in my area I have one of each wooden ones!!!

  7. Yes, I would have bought it! And I would either use it in an art project or keep it for awhile just to look at. Then probably sell it on ebay when ready. Might take a bit for me to get tired of that tho. I love those old things!
    Thanks for sharing! Karen

  8. Honestly: I don't know my "vintage" very well so I can't say I would have seen the value in it to KNOW to buy it. I do know that if I'd seen it at a sale I would have been intrigued and I may have wanted it, but I would probably have talked myself out of it because... I wouldn't know what to do with it! Then I would have seen the Pottery Barn version and I would be like "Damn! I passed that up!" After beating myself up a little I would then reminded me that I wouldn't have known what to do with it once I brought it home!! ;-)
    Sounds like yours has a very good home right now!!

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