Monday, January 30, 2012

How to Make Decorative Lids

I have all kinds of jars and containers that I have saved over the years with plans to use them one day.  None have lids so I decided to make my own. 

*Just a couple of notes before you get started:  I used scrap pieces of pine wood and mdf board.  Depending on the thickness of the wood will determine the width of the lid's rim.  I used 2" pine for the round lid and 1" mdf for the square lid.  I used 1/4" mdf for both tops.*  Also, some of the pictures show the making of the square lid and some of the round lid.

How to make a wooden lid for any size or shape of jar or container:

1.  First thing you need to do is make a pattern.  You can make a paper pattern and then cut and trace it onto your wood or you can skip this step and work directly on the wood (this is what I did).  Trace the top of your jar or container onto the wood.  Now add 3/8"  to the outside edge of the tracing line.  Using a scroll or band saw,  cut on the outside line.

2.  Drill a starter hole, thread the scroll saw blade through the hole and cut out the center.  This piece is the rim of the lid. 

3.  Trace the rim onto a piece of 1/4" wood cut out with the scroll saw.  This piece will create the top of the lid.  

4.  Use wood glue to secure the lid to the rim.  Once completely dry, sand the top and the sides with 100-grit and then 220-grit sandpaper.

Now you can paint, decorate or embellish the lid to match any room or decor!  

I kept the round lid simple and painted the square lid a bit whimsical just to give you ideas and inspiration. 


Thank you for stopping by...I hope this project has inspired you!



  1. How awesome! Thank you for the tutorial. You did a wonderful job making these.

  2. Lesa these are completely fabulous!!! Great idea, great job.

  3. Love your lids!! You did a wonderful job & it is a great tutorial!! Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. such a neat idea,, i have all kinds of jars i could do this for.. If I only had a scroll saw. Guess I could try with jig saw. Thanks for sharing how you did it.

  5. What great idea! Love this, you are one talented Lady! Mmmmmm.....I must have some jarless containers somewhere.....Thanks so much for sharing!

  6. Just found you... love you already!

    These lids are hands-down one of the best projects I've seen on Blogland! Good job!

    I will be pinning this... and stalking you more often! :)

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  8. Beyond cute! Beyond adorable! I love this and have to try it! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Fantastico! As your blog is crazy! You are very good at wood carving is a superb fantasy .. thanks for be my follower .. see you soon!