Sunday, February 24, 2013

Indoor Fencing

First, let me introduce you to the new addition to our family.  Her name is Cricket.  We've had her since August 2012. 

I had to include Daisy too!

She really is adorable.  We wanted a friend for Daisy, but we also knew that we would have to find a friend compatible in size as she is only 3 pounds.  Cricket looks alot bigger (in the pic) but all her hair makes her look much larger than she really is...she is a bit taller than Daisy and weighs about the same.    Anyway, they have become best friends!

So, now that you've met next project will make sense!  I needed to block access to the living room - a few accidents still happen.  My husband had put in this temporary board after Daisy arrived, but, as I said,  it was only supposed to be temporary.  I ended up painting it and living with it for 3 years but it's still ugly!! 

I decided it was time to build something new...something a bit more appealing.  Here it is...

I can easily remove it when company comes over and I think it looks alot better. 

Thank you for stopping by...have a great week!



  1. You are one very handy gal. Love your gate. It does look much better and so utilitarian for your needs. And the little furry kidz can't get over it right? They are both very cute. So glad it worked out that they like each other. Happy Days

  2. Love your pups and the fence is awesome. I decided today that my little gals needed to stay out of my studio! Will not mention why, but you probably know! (chihuahuas have very small bladders)...Anyway, I need a gate that is functional, but also decorative...your post gives me something to think about. Thanx for sharing. My castle doors are always open over at the "royal blog". Tiffany

  3. I absolutely LOVE dogs!! Your babies are so darn cute. What kind are they? I have a 4 lb. Maltipoo, Miss Juliet and love her to death. I tried gates but still had accidents so now she has a Pac 'n Play like babies have, kind of a playpen ;-) You are lucky your kids like each other, I first Romeo and then added Juliet and they pretty much ignored each other. Sad to say I lost my Romeo a couple of years ago. Too cute - glad you shared.

  4. how do you remove it? do you have the plans for it? I'd love to try to make one!