Saturday, February 23, 2013

Twig Heart

I have this twig reindeer which I bought years ago to compliment my Christmas decorating...but I've gotten very tired of it and I finally decided to throw it away. 

Until...I had an idea to take it apart and

use the twigs to make a heart wreath!

I drew a heart shape onto craft paper so I had a pattern to follow.

I then used hot glue to assemble a heart shape using the twigs.

Then it was just a matter of attaching twigs here and there until the heart was filled in.

I made a loop from a piece of twig for a hanger.

I was going to just hang it on the wall, but decided to make a frame from pallet wood.

I assembled the frame with wood glue, stained it with dark walnut and then painted it with "Sandbar".  Once dry I used sandpaper to remove some of the paint, exposing some of the stained wood.

I used a piece of satin ribbon to attach the heart to the frame and now I have it in the corner of my kitchen, behind the sink. 

Oh...and "behind the sink" now needed a shelf, so I built this corner shelf and stained it dark walnut.  I think it looks much better now.

Thank you for stopping by...have a great day!



  1. Brilliant! I love it. You make me want to run down to the bush and collect a bunch of twigs. :) You're very handy making the little shelf for it to sit on.

  2. Really pretty! I always have an abundance of twigs in my yard.....I'll have to make one of these for next year! Thanks for sharing!
    Cathy @ Lemon Tree Dwelling

  3. THIS IS GREAT!!!! I LOVE WHAT YOU TURNED IT INTO!!!:) Now im gonna keep every twig i find or my girls find!!!:)

  4. Cute! I have been looking for a twig shamrock and can't find one-I may just use your technique!! Thanks so much for sharing!

  5. Yo estuve también recopilando ramitas para hacer un corazón
    es lo que tiene el invierno...