Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Canvas & Vinyl Bag

Here's a sewing project I'd like to share with you.  After seeing a bag that my sister-in-law had sewn for herself, I decided to attempt something similar.  I have to admit...hers was much prettier than mine and she is an extremely talented quilter/seamstress.  I just do what I can...

This is what I started out with ...vinyl, natural canvas and 100% cotton (for the lining).

I used vinyl on the bottom of the bag because it will be easy to wipe off if it gets dirty.  Plus, it makes the bag a bit more sturdy.

I also used vinyl (and canvas) for the handles...

and I added vinyl for the trim on the inside (liner) pockets.
When sewing vinyl there are a couple of tips that my sister-in-law shared with me that  I'd like to share with you.
1.   Do not use pins to secure the vinyl as the pins will leave permanent holes in the vinyl.  Use hair clips...this is a "brilliant" solution.  These clips will work well on anything that is to thick or too delicate to pin. 


2.  Use a piece of paper underneath the vinyl when sewing the pieces together to prevent the vinyl from sticking.  It just helps the vinyl to "move with easy" under the pressure foot.  Once you are done sewing you can just rip the paper off without affecting the stitching. 

I am happy with how the bag turned out and it will be very functional for lugging my stuff to and from work.

Thank you for stopping by...



  1. That looks fabulous! I love beige and white together - such a classic look.

    Great job!


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