Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Table Centerpiece

I'm not really sure if this is worthy of posting, but I'll share it just because and, yes, it's another pallet project!!  I needed something for my kitchen table so I started with this...

I cut it down to make it look like a rustic box.  It needed handles on the sides but I wasn't about to head downtown to buy some, so I cut two blocks of wood from the leftover pallet wood, added a large screw to each block of wood and hung these hook thingys (they do have a name) on the screw to make them look like rustic handles - not functional and just for "show".

I had flowers that were given to me so I put them in the box...

I also tried using a bunch of artificial daisies...(real would be much better!)

Whatever I decide to use, I think this will be a suitable and functional kitchen table centerpiece...for now.

Thank you for stopping by and taking a look...have a great day!