Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Kitchen Table Centerpiece

I'm always looking for new ideas for a centerpiece for my kitchen table and since I just finished staining my table in a dark walnut, I needed something new for the center. 

I had this...

I bought this for $20.00...

and this came with the cage...

So...I drew the number 4.  Why 4?  Because that is my favorite number. 

Then I made a stencil.

Using a piece of sponge (I didn't have any sponge so I ripped the tip of a sponge brush off!) and "Bleached Sand" by Decoart, I applied the 4 to the black tin - on two sides. 

And, this is what I came up with for my kitchen table...

Here is a complete picture of my newly stained kitchen table, embellished table runner and my centerpiece. 

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Table Runner Embellished

I bought this table runner several months ago for $5.00 from Walmart. 

It's been sitting in a closet ever since and now I've decided to use it on my kitchen table.   However, it's a little boring so I thought I'd "jazz" it up by adding a fringe.  Of course, I didn't feel like driving downtown to look for fringe so I decided to use my trusty burlap.  Here's what I did:

First, I cut four pieces of burlap 13 3/4" wide (this was the width of my table runner) by 5 1/2".  I took two pieces and stitched them on my sewing machine approximately 1 3/4" from the top edge. 

I then simply started removing the burlap strands from the longest side to create a fringe. 

Once that was done I attached the burlap fringe to the bottom of the table runner matching the finished edge to the stitching line on the burlap, only to explose the fringed edge.  It was very simple and I think it adds a bit of interest to once boring table runner.

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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Canvas Slipcovered Stool

I've finished another project for my multi-purpose room.  I bought this stool from a second-hand store for 12.00 a couple of years ago and decided to finally give it a new, fresh look and I think it will work well in my room.  (It's been living in my crawl space... hence the white fluff on the front.)

I had enough canvas on hand to sew a slipcover for the stool, but I needed some cording.  Remember what I said...I can only use what I have available in the house.  Therefore, I had to make my own cording out of this satiny rope cording.  (I don't know the actual name of this stuff.) 

Anyway, I just ripped strips of canvas and sewed the strips together to make enough for the length of the cording that would outline the top of the stool.

I won't try to explain how to make the slipcover because most of you are much better at sewing than I am...and there are many great tutorials out there if you are unsure.  I usually just "wing it" when it comes to sewing.  I think it turned out not-to-bad and it looks much better than the chocolate brown velour, but I'll let you be the judge!

Here's someone who likes it.

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Burlap Bulletin Board

I've been working on my "multi-purpose" room, which is a small room that houses my exercise equipment which consists of an eliptical machine and a gazelle, as well, my sewing machine.  I decided to fix this room up to make it somewhat presentable, however, I decided that I was not going to purchase anything new for this room and only use what I had around my house, that is, "leftovers" that I had stored in my crawl space.  You know, that "unwanted stuff" that you just haven't thrown out yet!  Its not going to be a room that will make the front cover of any decorating magazine, but it will be functional for my needs.  Once I'm done, I will share pictures of the completed room with you. 
Anyway, I have been working on different projects for this room (one of them was my Old Crate) and my newest project is my bulletin board. 

I already had an existing frame which I painted in a buttermilk color.  I had a piece of foam core which I cut to fit inside the frame.  I then covered it with a piece of batting and then a piece of burlap.  Again, all items I had on hand. 

I made three pockets using burlap and trimmed the edges with muslin.  I attached the burlap and batting to the back of the foam core using a staple gun.  I then inserted the board into the frame and secured it.  Now, to dress it up a bit, I decided to make numbers for each of the pockets. 

I had blocks that were modge podged from a project I never did complete, so I traced numbers onto each of the blocks and cut them out using my scroll saw.  Drilled a 1/8" hole at the top of each number and used natural linen to tie to the front of the burlap pockets.  That's it! 

Another simple project using ONLY what I had available in the house.  Hope you like it.
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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Old Crate

I've been working on my "multi-purpose" room and needed storage for magazines, etc.  I had this old crate and decided to spruce it up a bit.

 I sanded it to remove the "roughness" and then dry-brushed the surface with a buttermilk-colored paint.  When it was dry, I applied dark walnut danish oil to the surface to darken the exposed wood areas. 

I wanted to add handles so I braided some jute and then drilled two holes on each side of the crate for the handles to be attached.  I also made a liner for the inside of the crate using burlap.  I added a strip of muslin for the trim and a fabric rose for a feminine touch. 

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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Bird Print on Burlap

Hi all!
Another project to share with you.  I love the look of burlap and I love the look of printed fabric, therefore, I thought I would try printing on burlap using my computer printer.  I know, this isn't new...many of you have already tried this technique, but I had to give it a go.

I cut a piece of freezer paper the same size as a sheet of 8 1/2 x 11 in. paper and ironed it to a piece of fabric.  I trimmed the burlap to the freezer paper, so it would go through my printer.  I found the image I wanted to use (which turned out to be a bird silhouette) and printed it onto my burlap.  (remove the freezer paper)  I then cut two mats to enhance the silhouette and made the frame out of mdf board.  I painted the frame with dark walnut, rubbed it with candle wax and then added a french grey blue top coat.  When dry, I used 220 grit sandpaper to remove some of the paint.  I then assembled the glass, mats and print inside the frame.  Another easy project.  I plan to hang it in my laundry room.
Just a note...is anybody else having troubles uploading pictures to blogger?  I would have added step by step photos, but I keep getting error messages and can't seem to upload photos - very frustrating and very time consuming uploading just one photo!  If you have any suggestions, it would be greatly appreciated.
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