Sunday, March 15, 2015

A New Craft

Recently I discovered a craft called "needle punch".  I happened to stumble upon it while searching the internet and pinterest for rug hooking ideas.  Needle punch has been around for years, but in my world only a couple of months.  

The finished projects look like hooked rugs but are created using embroidery thread and are much smaller than a hooked rug.  I am not an expert on this craft so this post is not about needle punch's simply to share my first project and to tell you how much fun it is to do! 

Here is my first project...

I mounted the finished project on a piece of pine board that I stained, then painted a cream color, sanded then stained again.  I found some metal ribbon at Michaels which I cut to fit the top and bottom of the pine.  

The metal ribbon comes in a shiny finish so I sprayed it with rubbed oil bronze paint and then wiped off most of the paint, leaving some of the paint in the indents.  It helped to dull the finish and give it an antiqued look.  

I have my project displayed in my family room on a narrow wall between two windows.  My family room  has greenish-grey walls, so it compliments the colors I used in the stars.  Here is a picture, however the bright sun shining through doesn't give the true effect...

Thank you for stopping by.  I hope you have a great week!