Monday, November 28, 2016

Giant Snowflakes

I'd like to share with you my version of two large wooden snowflakes.   

built them using a scrap piece of plywood so it cost me nothing to build them. 

The large snowflake measures 36" ...

and the smaller version measures 24"...

They were very simple to do...first I cut my piece of plywood into 3" wide strips using the table saw.  You need three pieces 3" x 36" (for the large) and three pieces 3" x 24" (for the small).  The ends of the snowflakes were cut on a mitre saw at a 37 degree angle.  Each end piece was cut to a length of
4 1/2" and you will need 12 pieces for each snowflake.  The rectangular pieces at the ends were cut from the leftover scraps at a length of approximately 4".  

My husband helped me assemble each snowflake and he likes things precise so he did some mathematical calculations to find centre and then divided the circle circumference by six to get the degrees between each end...bla bla bla.  I was going to just "eyeball" it!  Anyway, it's nice and evenly spaced.  We just used an air nailer to secure everything in place.  

I stained everything with Espresso Minwax stain and let it dry overnight.  I the dry brushed on a coat of cream colored paint and then went over that layer with a color called Peppery by Behr.  It's a dark grey color.  That's it.  

My idea is to use these snowflakes outside on my front porch but I kinda like the my entryway as well!  I hope I've inspired you to try building a few of your own.  

Thanks for stopping by...